Film Review - Fuji Velvia 100

First thing’s first. This film is a “slide film”. In short, that means you can project them if you want to, because you get a colour positive result, rather than a standard “negative” that you get with ‘normal’ films.

A lot of people will tell you slide film is difficult to use. We are far from expert photographers, but we’ve always had good results out of it. So we say don’t let people put you off, and give slide film a try. Just make sure you use it when there’s plenty of strong light around and you’ll be fine.

It is not cheap - you can buy it here - but you definitely get what you pay for. Next time you want a treat, maybe on your next sunny holiday, give it a try.


First of all, given it is ISO 50, you plainly only want to be using this on those gorgeous summer days, particularly given the need for slide film to have a fair amount of light to get the exposure right.

We took our shots on our trusty old Spotmatic, paired with the legendary Carl Zeiss “Flek” - a 35mm beauty.


We’ve shot with Velvia 100 before, so we were keen to see how this compared. Our roll was actually slightly out of date, but those good folk at Analogue Wonderland said it would be in good shape, and they weren’t lying. (They’ve got a range of expired film if that’s your thing). We rated it at ISO50 even though it was expired, and the results were all spot on.


The combination of slide film and low ISO produces digital-esque photos, if that’s what you’re looking for. Virtually no grain to speak of and high saturation.

It’s got quite a strong red tint to it, so it’s not going to produce natural results for portraits, but it will produce wonderful landscapes.

Be brave we say, get yourself some Velvia 50, or maybe 100 if you want something a tad more forgiving, and get out with it on a bright day. It won’t be something you shoot with every day due to the cost, but boy what a treat it will be when you do.

One of the best things about analogue photography is the HUGE choice of films available. We’ve been shooting film - and tonnes of it - for years now, but the list of films we’re still looking to try remains long! So whether it’s this particular stock of film or another, buy yourself something fun and new, and give it a go.

Check out our film partner Analogue Wonderland if you haven’t already - they will have whatever you are looking for at a good price, and probably plenty of things you didn’t know existed as well!

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