Film Review - Ilford Delta 100 on Lockdown

Ilford is probably the leading name when it comes to B&W film photography and this film, along with their FP4 ISO 125 film, is their most premium product.

Known for the super fine grain it produces and high contrast, it definitely should be on the list of “films you must try”. It’s less forgiving than films rated at higher ISOs, the results when you get it right are worth it. You can easily buy it here.

We shot our roll using a Pentax MX and a 35mm Pentax lens. We added a orange filter on a few shots, to see what that extra contrast would add.


We went for a wander right at the start of lockdown on our daily exercise and got a few shots of empty space and closed things. No orange filter on these two, so that’s what you get from just the film and camera combined (and we’re not into editing film photographs afterwards - if that’s your thing, there’s plenty of ‘fake film’ shots out there for you on Instagram!).

Then we threw on the orange filter one night when there was lots of low light about and took a few lockdown shots indoors. Nothing fancy, just day to day stuff where the light was helping out.


We were really pleased with the fine grain and natural look to the photos. When we wanted high contrast with the orange filter it produced nice results too. Definitely a film we’ll be shooting with again.

We’re going to compare it to some other B&W ISO 100 films too, and we’ll share the results so you can see which one is for you.

One of the best things about analogue photography is the HUGE choice of films available. We’ve been shooting film - and tonnes of it - for years now, but the list of films we’re still looking to try remains long! So whether it’s this particular stock of film or another, buy yourself something fun and new, and give it a go.

Check out our film partner Analogue Wonderland if you haven’t already - they will have whatever you are looking for at a good price, and probably plenty of things you didn’t know existed as well!


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