Film Review - Kodak Portra 400

Kodak Portra might just be the most popular and commonly used colour film out there, especially when you consider it is available in ISO 160 and 800. We though are reviewing the great all-rounder that is Portra 400.
We’ve shot many rolls of this, but the most recent one was done on a super cheap 120 film camera, the Kodak 66. Great fun to use from time to time, but not something you’ll want to be your go to camera!

All Portra films are famous for their lovely pastel colours and it’s neutral caste. You can point it at anything, and you will get a slightly muted version of what you see, without any heavy tilt towards one particular colour.

For an ISO 400 film the grain is pretty fine and it really is a super easy film to use, that will produce great results in hands of even the most incompetent of photographers (like us!).

It’s pretty reliable in low light situations too, with this photo being taken in the middle of winter on a gloomy cold day.


All in all, it’s a film that you will probably want to have a couple of to hand at all times. Whenever you want to throw something in the camera without having to think about what you’re doing, or where you don’t quite now exactly when you’ll be using it, this is a great option. A reliable film, giving you consistently gorgeous results in plenty of different light conditions.

One of the best things about analogue photography is the HUGE choice of films available. We’ve been shooting film - and tonnes of it - for years now, but the list of films we’re still looking to try remains long! So whether it’s this particular stock of film or another, buy yourself something fun and new, and give it a go.

Check out our film partner Analogue Wonderland if you haven’t already - they will have whatever you are looking for at a good price, and probably plenty of things you didn’t know existed as well!

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