New Stock Launch - The Nifty Fifties

Four great new cameras launched this week, each with 50mm prime lenses, and each with a different choice of shooting modes (Take a look at our article about shooting modes if you don’t know what that means.)

We thought we’d take a quick look at each and talk you through them, focusing on the different shooting modes they offer.

Chinon CG5 with Chinon 50mm f1.9 lens

We’re suckers for a black body here at Filtr, granted, but we love the styling on this one.

Chinon Camera

The camera comes with a choice of either aperture priority shooting, or fully manual. We think that’s the perfect combo for a beginner getting into film; you can get lots of assistance from the aperture priority mode to begin with - where you just choose the aperture on the lens and the camera does the rest for you - and then you’ve got a fully manual mode for when you’ve got some practice in and are feeling more confident.
You can read more about this camera here 

Olympus OM40 with Olympus 50mm f1.7 lens

A great choice this one if you feel you want even more help from your camera than aperture priority mode.

This camera comes with Program mode, where all you to is press the button and the camera does everything for you. It also though has a choice of aperture priority mode, and fully manual mode, for when you want it.
Lots more information and images here 

Canon T50 with Canon 50mm f1.8 lens

Canon T50
If the thought of having to choose which shooting mode you use sounds too complicated for you, if you are utterly terrified of trying to learn how to use a film camera but really want to give it a go, then this is the camera for you.
The Canon T50 has the fully automatic program mode, but nothing else. You don’t even have to select the shooting mode!
Just press that shutter, and you’ll get great photos every time. If that sounds good, have a look here 

Fuji AX1 with Fuji 55mm 2.2

This little beauty is an ‘aperture priority only’ camera.

Fuji Film Camera
So if you think you won’t need the manual mode option that the Chinon CG5 has, then this could be a great choice for you.
Much like with the Canon T50, there’s no need to even change the mode dial; you just pick it up, select the aperture, and that’s it. Simple.

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