The Photographers Christmas List - 2020 Best Christmas Gifts for every photographer...

The wonderful world of film photography has never been in a better place than it is now.  There are a huge range of producers and creative types out there making a jaw-dropping array of products for all us analogue geeks.

So if you’re struggling for Christmas gift ideas at the moment take a look at this rundown and see if there’s anything for that analogue lover in your life - who knows, you might also find something for your own wishlist!

1. Magazine Subscription - Silvergrain Classics

Christmas ideas for photographers
Formerly known as ‘Photoklassik’ these glossy A4 magazines are always a joy when they drop through your letterbox.  Launched in late 2018, it’s a quarterly publication, with the latest issue due to drop in November/December 2020.

They are (thankfully) incredibly light on adverts, full of interesting (non-pretentious) reading, and, of course, some stunning analogue imagery.

At around 15 euros an issue they represent decent value for money too, we think.

2. Film - Analogue Wonderland

It’s no secret these AW are our ‘go to’ guys when it comes to buying film, but that’s for a damn good reason; they easily offer the biggest range of choice of emulsions out there, and that’s combined with reliable friendly service, and decent prices too.

You might want to treat somebody to something for use around Christmas time with a high ISO, like Ilford Delta 3200, or you might prefer to give them something expensive to put away for sunnier times ahead, like some Ektachorme maybe.  Whatever you’re looking for, if AW doesn’t have it, it probably doesn’t exist!

But there’s plenty more to enjoy in the AW shop too; t-shirts, developing kits, and a whole load more in their dedicated xmas gifts section.

3. Straps - 595 Strap Co.

All of our
Filtr Style cameras come with straps from these guys and we’re proud to have them as our exclusive supplier.

The straps are all genuine leather, and handmade in the UK.  They are as gorgeous in the flesh as they are in the photos.

There’s a million and one places to buy camera straps online, but if you want a product you can trust in, you don’t need to look any further than this.

So if you know somebody with a film camera with a cheap little fabric strap on it from back in the 70s, with frayed edges and questionable looking buckles, a new strap from the great choice on offer from 595 might be a great idea.


There’s no better way of explaining what these do than by taking a look for yourself really…..

We’ve used one, and it’s a lovely slow burn of a project, and one that gives you a chance to test your creative skills - the possibilities with a Solarcan are endless.

5. Everything Else - Shoot Film Company

PhotoMemo Book
A great one stop shop this for all sorts of different bits and pieces that might help fill a stocking - mugs, hats, badges, keyrings, even fleece blankets, and much, much more.

One of our faves is their PhotoMemo Memo Book - we’ve got two in our collection and they look great, are nice and compact, and have loads of space for keeping track of your exposure settings, what lens you had on, what filters you used, and so on.

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