#166 - Chinon CE5 & Chinon 28-50mm Zoom

#166 - Chinon CE5 & Chinon 28-50mm Zoom

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#166 - Compact Zoom
Chinon CE5 & Chinon 28-50mm Zoom

Great for: A sleek black body, and a great choice of Pentax K mount lenses to choose from, and a lovely compact zoom lens to get you started.

Condition: Very Good
Modes: Av & Manual

If you've been fancying a zoom lens for your first film camera but are put off by the size they tend to be, then your search is over.  This petite beauty is barely any bigger than a standard 50mm lens, and it will cover you from nice and wide at the 28mm end, through street photography at the 35-40mm range, all the way to a great all round lens at the 50mm end.  This camera also has the perfect choice of modes for a beginner - aperture priority mode for when you're learning, with the option to shoot in fully manual mode once you get more confident. We think the styling is pretty slick too.  As a final added bonus, this camera uses the Pentax K Mount, so if you want to splash the cash on some more lenses in time, you'll have a great choice of affordable Pentax lenses to choose from.  A truly awesome all round choice for a first film camera.

Every FILTR film camera comes with everything you need to start shooting film straight away:rolls of film, new light seals & a new battery. 

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