#167 - Ricoh KR10x + Ricoh 50mm 1.7

#167 - Ricoh KR10x + Ricoh 50mm 1.7

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#167 - Long Exposure
Ricoh KR10x + Ricoh 50mm 1.7

Great for: A sleak black body, and an incredible range of shutter speeds.

Condition: Very Good
Modes: Av & Manual

Ever fancied taking those night time shots where the lights on the traffic turn into a continuous stream of light?  This is the camera for you if so.  Most film cameras will struggle to do that; you'd need a shutter release, a stop watch to time how long to expose for, and a light meter to work out how long that needs to be.  Not with this gem; it's maximum shutter speed is a whopping 16 seconds!  So it will meter for you, and the camera will stop the expose at the right time.  On top of that, this camera have our ideal range of modes for a beginner - manual and aperture priority - and it comes in Pentax K mount.  That means you can choose from a huge range of great lenses at affordable prices for your camera, as your journey into film photographs evolves.  All of that at a very affordable price point.  We doubt this one will stick around long.

Every FILTR film camera comes with everything you need to start shooting film straight away: 2 rolls of film, new light seals & a new battery. 

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