For those who are serious about the quality of their images, or are looking for a more advanced camera, or a superior lens...

Our goal when we set up Filtr was to create an easy access point to the wonderful world of 35mm film; we think cost and complexity should be no barrier to somebody wanting to give film a go.

So all of our cameras are easy to use and represent good value for money; an affordable way into film photography.

That’s still the case - and always will be - but we’ve had a few people getting in touch asking if we have any cameras that are that little bit extra special, or are harder to find. And we’ve had some people getting in touch asking for cameras with more expensive lenses, which will help them shoot even better images.

So, that’s why we’ve created Filtr Premium...


* Every Filtr Premium camera and lens combination will be rare; it’s unlikely we’ll stock another combination like it ever again.

* All of the Filtr Premium range will come with two rolls of superior film. At the moment that will be Kodak Portra 160 (Colour) and Kodak Tmax400 (Black and White), as supplied by our new Filtr Pro film partner, Analogue Wonderland.

* Perhaps most importantly, if you buy a Filtr Premium camera and lens, you are getting something a true cut above most other 35mm SLR cameras.


If that sounds like your kind of thing, take a look at our latest Filtr Premium cameras here