Condition Grading

Obviously none of these cameras have just rolled off the production line, so they are all going to be in varying states of second hand condition. 

However, we don’t sell anything that is battered. Even if you buy our lowest grade of condition – ‘average’ – you’re still getting a camera you’ll be perfectly proud to walk around with.

To try and help you though, especially if you’re in a rush, we’ve come up with the following grading system:-

Excellent – This is as good as it is going to get for a vintage camera. If you hold one of these at arms’ length it could pass for brand new. Like any old camera though there might be tiny traces of dust in the viewfinder or lens, and the bottom base plate and some of the corners might show tiny imperfections, but it’s going to be as good as it gets for a used camera. Cameras with this excellent grading will be rare.

Very good – This is still, as the title suggests, a very good condition camera! The imperfections will be marginally more obvious than with an “excellent” camera, but they’ll still be well hidden and your camera will still look lovely. It might have some minor scratches or tarnishing on corners, or the bottom base plate, for instance.

Good – This will have more noticeable signs of wear, but again, it will still be a good looking camera. We will always try and give a description to tell you why we’ve only graded a camera as good. Quite often there will be just one minor thing on a camera that would otherwise meet our “very good” or “excellent” grading.

Average – Obvious signs of wear and tear. We’ll always tell you why we’ve graded a camera as average.