Copy of Sites We Love...

We’ve spent years trawling the internet for great sites that cover the full range of all the different aspects of film photography.

We’ve found some awesome places (and some not so awesome ones!) and some people who are just as passionate about film as we are.

So we’ve put a list together of the sites worth visiting.

This isn’t some mutual exchange of links where we’ll include anybody who asks us. Far from it – we’ve got high standards here at FILTR! We’ve used all of the sites below at some point or another, and we genuinely think they are the best in their field.

Judge for yourselves…



As the title suggests, this is a darkroom and it’s based near Liverpool.

But there’s more to it than that – much more. Not only can you go to the darkroom and develop your photos, but there’s a gallery too for a full day out. And if you’ve always fancied developing your own prints but wouldn’t know where to start, there’s workshops for the beginner too, and very reasonably priced ones we think.

The website is packed with lots of helpful info and links for the film newcomer.

Oh, and to top it all they’re really friendly and helpful too.

So don’t be shy, and get in touch with them to get yourself fully immersed in the film experience.

Rolls of Film:

Analogue Wonderland

There’s lots of good sites out there selling film, but we think this offers not only one of the most comprehensive (and reasonably priced) selections, but also one of the most interesting and diverse.

Sure, they’ve got your everyday Portra and your legendary Velvia and Provia, and plenty of choices for B&W films too, but they’ve also got some more unusual films, like KONO! Katz and Double Bubblegum.

Film is what they love, and film is what they do. You can read about their choice of underappreciated films in this great article.

Oh, and to top it all, they’ve got some great t-shirts, posters and general film related goodies, for adding some style to your film shooting!

Expensive Stuff:

Japan Camera Hunter

If your tastes are a little more expensive, or if you’re a collector looking for something rare, this is your guy to go to.

He’s built a business sourcing rare and expensive cameras, predominantly from the various great camera shops in Japan. He lists some of them on his site, but if there’s something in particular you’re looking for, just drop him a line and chances are he can find it for you.

There’s also a whole heap of interesting reading and information on the site too, and he’s even developed his own film, which is well worth checking out and shooting with.

Repairs and Info:

Milly’s Cameras

Whilst the site isn’t as updated as regularly as some others, this is a great resource for understanding how you might repair a camera in the event of any little accidents, with lots of repair tutorials and blogs.

If you fancy customising your camera, the site also stocks a great selection of replacement “skins” along with some handy tips on how to fit them.

They also supply kits for replacing the light seals on your cameras, and at a very good price too.

King of the Blogs:

Canny Cameras

There are a million and one blogs out there about film photography. We reckon this one offers the highest quality, wide ranging, regularly updated selection of blogs out there. And by some distance too!

There’s always tonnes of guest bloggers, so it’s always fresh, and the guy running it is doing out of love for film, not to make a fast buck.

The selection of material – and the huge amount of different topics covered – is way too extensive to even begin to do credit to here, so have a read yourself.

But in essence, if this page doesn’t take up hours of your time digesting all of the great articles, and learning all about the history of film photography, then nothing will. 

Camera Straps & Accessories:

595 Leather

Hand made in the UK. These beautifully crafted, minimal design, leather camera straps are the ultimate camera accessory for any film photographer. They're not cheap...but they ARE worth it. We're currently eyeing up the 'Film Roll Case' to add to our collection. 

Hugo Studio

Selling the widest range of custom camera covers we've ever seen...all pre-cut to fit almost any camera you can think of! We're about to spruce up some of our personal collection with the Recycled Leather Colebra...check these guys out if you want to set your camera aside from the rest!