#62 - Pentax K1000 + Pentax 50mm f2

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#62 - The Student Classic 
Pentax K1000 + Pentax 50mm f2

Great for: A legendary camera and a perfect introduction for beginners. 

Born: 1976
Condition: Very Good
Modes: Manual Only

This is probably the most iconic beginners camera there's ever been. This camera was so popular with film students (in particular) that Pentax made it for nearly twenty years, even when technology had moved on and they were making far more advanced cameras. Due to this reputiation they tend to be a little overpriced these days, but we've paired this one with the cheapest of the Pentax 50mm lenses, to try and keep the cost down.

Every FILTR film camera comes with everything you need to start shooting film straight away: 2 rolls of film, new light seals & a new battery. 

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